Alphabet City Music Workshops

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212-330-8980 *

This was an extremely helpful and informative workshop!! I learned so much. — Sarah L.

A weekly, 2-hour, informal opportunity to ask questions related to songwriting, music theory, practicing, etc.* We’ll also listen to examples of great music that will inspire you in the process. You don’t have to bring or do anything…you can just hang out and soak it in.

Feel free to invite other people to come with you. In case space is limited, please use the FACEBOOK page to let me and others know you are interested in coming.

*Here are just a few questions that come up often:

  • What key am I in?
  • Which chords can I use here?
  • How do I notate this?
  • How do I use the circle of 5ths?
  • Why doesn’t this part of my song work?
  • How do I use minor keys?
  • What does modulate mean?



Clearing up music theory mysteries has been so inspiring that I recently started the “Make It Quick” video series (Instagram and YouTube). I want this meetup to be a place to teach, learn and meet other musicians.

You are welcome, but not obligated, to donate any amount on the day of the meeting to help keep it going.  Cash and Venmo are accepted.

The Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street, NYC
Corner of Elizabeth, near Bowery.

Saturdays (Noon – 2 pm):

  • September 28
  • October 5
  • October 19
  • October 26
  • November 2
  • Do I have to bring anything?
  • Can I bring something I’m working on?
  • Can I ask questions about lyrics?
  • Can I perform my work in progress?
    Yes. You may also bring a recording. Please, if possible, email your recording and lyrics in advance of the meeting.
  • Do I need to bring my own guitar?
    Possibly. Please check with me in advance.
  • Can I ask a guitar-related question?
  • Is there a keyboard there?
  • Is this a jam?
  • Will you answer questions that are really basic?
  • Will you answer questions that require advanced music theory knowledge?
    Yes, unless the explanation will require more time than the class allows or if it will leave everyone else in the dust…that’s not fun.
  • Do I have to come to all of them?
    No. You can come to as many as you like.
  • What if I can’t stay the full 2 hours?
    That’s ok. If you plan to come for the whole time, please do your best to be on time.
  • Can I bring food?
    You may bring drinks, but the facility asks that we refrain from bringing food into the studio.

Improve your songwriting and ability to communicate with other musicians. New and useful skills every step of the way.

  • Music Basics One:  Start from scratch. Learn to read and write music notation, understand keys, create basic chords, find the I IV and V chord in any key! Very short creative assignments.
  • Music Basics Two: Learn more about chords in a key. Add to your knowledge of rhythm and song form. Short, creative assignments and more practice putting your music into chart form for other musicians to read.
  • Manhattan / Online
    4 and 5-week workshops
  • One-Day Intensives: cover most of the material from Music Basics One. These typically take place on Saturday or Sunday. $150 for the day and all materials.
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Manhattan /  online

More information and class registration:

212-330-8980 *