Alphabet City Music Workshops!


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This was an extremely helpful and informative workshop!! I learned so much. — Sarah L.

Improve your songwriting and ability to communicate with other musicians. New and useful skills every step of the way.

  • Music Basics One:  Start from scratch. Learn to read and write music notation, understand keys, create basic chords, find the I IV and V chord in any key! Very short creative assignments.
  • Music Basics Two: Learn more about chords in a key. Add to your knowledge of rhythm and song form. Short, creative assignments and more practice putting your music into chart form for other musicians to read.
  • Manhattan / Online
    4 and 5-week workshops
    ONE-DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS: cover most of the material from Music Basics One. These typically take place on Saturday or Sunday. $150 for the day and all materials.
  • Work on your current goals as a songwriter/musician.
  • Get feedback from your classmates and assignments (if needed) that help you work on your craft.
  • Some prior understanding of basic music theory is helpful for this class.
  • 4-week class
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Manhattan /  online

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