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Music theory is cool, not complicated.

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Holiday Special: 

Music Theory Basics – $80 (4 week class)

Get the basics down before 2020! This class will provide an overview of notation, keys, and answers to nagging questions. Every student receives a workbook written by me specifically for this class. Space is limited. Please email info@alphabetcitymusic BY SATURDAY, NOV 23rd to save a seat.

  • Sundays, Noon – 2:00 pm
  • November 24, December 8, 15, 22
  • The Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street, NYC
  • $80 payable via cash, check, Venmo

Special Workshop in Development: 

Basic Theory and Your Guitar


Basic Theory for Songwriters:

“I liked the song dissection segments the best and even enjoyed struggling through the songwriting exercise.”
– Lee S.

“It was a great start for me to connect the dots and filling in the gaps between my early basic music training and what I have learned on the job. Looking forward to doing more and learning to make charts.”
– Gina H. 

Hittin’ the Road!

In June, Alphabet City Music Visited The Maine Songwriters Association!

“Thanks, Tamara!  You were FABULOUS!! Intuitive, intelligent, informative and inspiring!  Tamara, you were patient and so brilliant about explaining and walking into the world of Theory for Songwriters.

We all are anxious to grab that Circle of Fifths and start playing musical hopscotch with melodies and chords.  We hope to have you come back sometime to continue the journey you started us on! “Yours, Martin Swinger,
President, Maine Songwriter’s Association

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Customize a workshop…

Arrange something special for your songwriting group, music students, music store customers.


A little music theory can go a long way!
  • Read and write basic notation
  • Intro to keys and chords
  • Change the key of a melody
  • Time signatures

Recommended: 2 hours. The length and content of this class can be customized.


Expand your songwriting options!
  • Keys and chords in a key
  • Harmonizing a melody
  • Change the key of a melody/song
  • Basic rhythm and song sections

Recommended: 2 hours. The length and content of this class can be customized.


Intermediate-advanced techniques!
  • Fancier chords
  • Borrowed chords
  • Modulation
  • Basic song charts

Recommended: 2 hours. The length and content of this class can be customized.

After studying with Tamara, I can play my melodies on a keyboard, find the right chords to go with them, and put it all on sheet music to take to a producer.  I used to tell people I was a lyricist.  Now, I tell them I’m a songwriter.

Chris G.

Tamara is a wonderful teacher, dedicated to her students.

Michelle C.

More information and class registration:

212-330-8980  *

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