One-Day Workshop, Sunday, Jan 28! 11 am - 5 pm

Beginners Welcome!

"This was an extremely helpful and informative workshop!! I learned so much." - Sarah L.

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Online lessons!

"I bought a book or two on music theory years ago, tried reading them and understood next to nothing. That left me with the impression that music theory was this wildly complicated topic I'd never grasp. Turned out not be even remotely close to the truth." Steve D.

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5-week workshops!

Explore new harmonic and melodic possibilities using your own works-in-progress, short exercises, and pop songs in a workshop setting!

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  • Never learned music theory and wish you had? Think it’s too complicated?…It isn’t!

    Music theory should be fun, useful and un-intimidating. Classes are kept small (usually 8 students max) and everyone participates. Students quickly realize that they are not alone in the learning process; everyone in class is working, supporting and teaching each other.

  • Are you a lyricist or top-line writer?

    Many lyricists would like to take part in (or take over) the music side of songwriting and top-line writers would like to be able to harmonize and notate their own melodies. Basic music theory is all you need and it’s never too late to learn!

  • Do you have songs and a band but no charts? You’re not alone!

    Save time and money: Valuable rehearsal and recording studio time is often wasted explaining how your songs go. Hiring someone else to write charts for you gets expensive! You can do it yourself with a bit of basic theory and a handful of chart writing techniques.

  • Music Theory isn’t paperwork!

  • Classes that include basic chart writing and lead sheet writing are practically non-existent anywhere else. These techniques along with simple ear training exercises are a great way to see/hear music theory in action. Music theory shouldn’t be paperwork! It should open us up to new ways of listening and new perspectives on song writing.

Why Alphabet City Music Workshops?

music workshop instructor, Tamara Hey

Tamara Hey, Instructor and Founder

There is a common thread among many of the students I’ve taught over the years and that is a feeling that music theory is either unimportant, dull or intimidating. Music teachers and theory textbooks tend to leave out significant bits of information and students get frustrated; they’re unable to connect the dots.

Not everyone thinks alike. Every so often, a student will ask a question that requires me to explain something in a whole new way. The workbooks used in conjunction with my classes are carefully written by me and I’m constantly updating them with clearer lessons and new exercises.

The Real World.

It’s important that students learn how to use what they’re learning in real life situations. Short and simple “Real World Assignments” along with exercises in the workbook get students to think about how they would use their new theory knowledge in their own way.

Working with a band can be intimidating for singers and songwriters if they feel they don’t know how to communicate with the players. It’s a language that takes practice, but learning the basics in a supportive environment like our workshops is a great way to start.

Instructor and founder Tamara Hey has “a unique way of explaining whatever students find confusing.” With nearly 20 years of experience teaching music theory, ear training, guitar and piano to her private students and in workshops, Tamara is used to all kinds of questions and figuring out the best ways to answer them. She is a professional singer/songwriter who has played and recorded her original music with and without bands, a graduate of Berklee College of Music and New York City’s High School of Performing Arts.

“(Tamara) demystified every aspect of music theory I thought was impossible to understand and apply to my own music.” — Monica S., Basic Theory and Chart Writing Workshop student.

Basic Music Theory, Ear Training and Chart Writing Workshops
Beginner and advanced-level workshops in NYC and online!